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Ongoing education

PhD student in Computational Complexity - NTUA, Greece [Show]

Completed education

Graduate Program in Logic, Algorithms and Computation (MPLA) - UoA, Greece [Show]

Advanced MSc in Aviation and Air Traffic Management - ENAC, Toulouse, France [Show]

Electrical and Computer Engineering Diploma - NTUA, Greece[Show]

Hellenic-American Educational Foundation (Athens College) middle school & high school [Show]


The following publications are papers written during my work at CTI for the MoveSmart project, where my team's objective was to algorithmically design and implement original incentivization schemes for Vehicle Sharing Systems.


Talks & Presentations
Teaching assistantship
  • Foundations of Computer Science - School of Applied Mathematical and Physical Sciences, NTUA, 7th semester (winter 2014-5)
  • Introduction to Programming - School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, NTUA, 1st semester (winter 2015-6, winter 2013-4)