Welcome to my personal website! I am a PhD student in Computer Science, working within the respective department of the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens, as a member of the Computational and Reasoning Laboratory. I hold an Engineering Diploma by the same School.

Following my long lasting interest in Aviation, I have pursued a relevant career. I studied/specialized in Aviation and Air Traffic Management (Advanced MSc.) at the École Nationale de l' Aviation Civile, in Toulouse, France. On December 2017, I was appointed Air Traffic Controller for the greek Civil Aviation Authority, after achieving 1st place in the written contest for the latest public call (2015).

Currently, having completed all courses required for the Graduate Program in Logic, Algorithms and Computation (MSc.), I am shaping my MSc. Thesis as an extension of my Diploma Thesis, exploring problems that lie in between Combinatorial (and Computational) Geometry and Graph Drawing.

Besides the incessant education, I have interned as a System Validation Engineering at Thales Air Systems S.A. (France) and worked as an Algorithm Analyst/Researcher for the Computer Technology Institute "Diophantus".

Chapter "Music"

Music has been another everlasting relation of mine, beginning at the age of 6. It has affected me as much as my education -Math being the epicenter- and Aviation have. As it fits my style, I try to keep up evolving as a musician, playing live gigs and writing and producing original music. As a true guitarist, I often customize my rig and instruments and now, as a music blogger I will attempt to communicate my thoughts!

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