Assuming you read through my home page claptrap, you should know by now that I began playing music at the age of 6. My first encouter involved a Yamaha keyboard (I still can remember the demo song, of course). In the years that followed, I decided to take some theory lessons (during 5th and 6th grade), to pick up the acoustic guitar, i.e. my dad's old Epiphone (I was 11), to pick up the electric guitar, i.e. my dad's very old Eko hollow-body and an impecable tiny amp that only now I recall its existence (I was 13), and then I ran out of dad stuff. So, I decided to learn to spend more than all my allowance to buy new guitars, amps and effects. I learned it so well, I'm still on it.

Bands: the musicians' fight for satisfaction outside their bedroom. Needing others, who fight for satisfaction outside their bedroom. Let's see, my first band had no bass player, but made it to the school ball (chills). My second included 4 guitarists, so they brought me in to play drums; 3 hours later a drummer had come in the studio and I was the keyboard player the band hadn't realized they needed. Some other time, I feared our singer would fail to deliver "Perfect Strangers" and "Mr. Crowley", so I decided to take over. While playing live, even if I had never sung before. I hate death growls, but when you are in your teens you just need to play live and keep the longest song of the set for when you are warned your time is up. Then suddenly, I was 22 and found myself in two of the best bands ever: while I had nothing going on, I luckily met May and Katerina, to eventually form an acoustic band reaching out to traditional greek music, Ololyges, the following year [click here to see what the gals have been up to lately]. And a month later, my friend Vassilis invited me to meet Johny and Virginia. The rest is f.i.n.e. recorded history.

Currently, I am focusing on capturing my first solo album -yes, I am that sure I'll make so many more- plus I am the guitarist of the Prima Vistas, led by our fabulous singer, Natalia. I spend a good amount of time experimenting and understanding mixing and production techniques (hopefully one day my music will sound like a million dollar production, this is absolutely plausible), and another good amount in customizing and putting together guitars and effects for my rig!